HIIT Workouts

Weekly HIIT Workout

SweatCity Sprint Tabatas 4 Sets of Running Tabatas: eight (8) rounds of 20 second sprints/10 seconds rest Speed: 10 Incline: 0 six (6) rounds of 40 second sprint/20 seconds rest Speed: 9 Incline 0 four (4) rounds of 60 second sprint/30 seconds rest Speed 8.5 Incline: 1-2 three (3) rounds of 90 seconds sprint/45 seconds rest… Continue reading Weekly HIIT Workout

Fitness Training

Train the Same Remain the Same

As a fitness fanatic, I've been able to try many different types of workouts. Some I hated, some I thought were interesting, and some I absolutely loved.  If you are just starting out or you've been working out for your entire life it doesn't matter. CHANGE IT UP!  If you train the same you will… Continue reading Train the Same Remain the Same