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Runner’s Knee: Not Just For Runners

As I start planning my running season and training for the San Francisco Full marathon I can't help but immediately think about my poor IT bands and runner's knees.  I went on my first run of the season and my knees killed me! First, runners' knees can be all sorts of problems form IT band… Continue reading Runner’s Knee: Not Just For Runners

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Ice Ice Baby: The Cold Truth About Icing

Icing an injury, we've all done it.  There are many opinions around icing muscles and injuries for recovery.  Icing to aid in the recovery of an injury is one thing, but using ice as the primary treatment for overuse injuries is another issue.  Can ice heal injuries? We see professional athletes icing all the time. … Continue reading Ice Ice Baby: The Cold Truth About Icing

Fitness Training

Planes of Motion 101

This past weekend was a busy one!  I got my first official sports massage and lifted my heaviest on the bench!  Woohoo! Between having a great lift and getting my muscles stretched, tweaked, and massaged it got me thinking about the way we move and the human bodies mobility.  It's so incredibly important to stretch… Continue reading Planes of Motion 101