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How To Start Your Fitness Journey

"Where do I begin?" This is one of the most common first questions for starting any new journey. So, you want to start your fitness journey! Great, but where do you start? I've been there! You don't know what you don't know right?! Everyone has to start somewhere however, I think it's important to gain… Continue reading How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Weight Loss Misconceptions

Let's face it, losing weight can be difficult.  It takes a lot of time, energy, patience and dedication to stick to creating healthy habits.  There are so many weight loss misconceptions it can get tough to figure out what to actually believe and stay motivated. Here are a few misconceptions that I think are important

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How to Attack Cold and Flu Season

It's officially cold and flu season.  As I write this blog I hear sniffles, sneezing, coughing, and I'm already trying to avoid that one co-worker who is starting to get sick.  I'm not a germ-a-phobe by any means but I want to avoid getting sick at all costs.  That might mean I disinfect my airplane… Continue reading How to Attack Cold and Flu Season

Weight Loss & Nutrition

7 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is tough, I'll give you that.  Gaining weight can be tough for some folks too.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself.  I feel like I am doing everything right. I'm sticking to my meal plan, I'm working out HARD at the gym, and drinking tons of water.  Why can't I see progress? … Continue reading 7 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Fitness Training

Free Weights Vs. Machines: Dumbbells, Machines, Barbells Oh My!

Machines Vs. Free Weights In the left corner, we have Free Weights the home of Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, and anything else you can pick up!  In the Right corner, we have Machines the basic pulley system. This will be an interesting fight between resistance training!  Who's ready for this epic match up? "Let's Get Ready To… Continue reading Free Weights Vs. Machines: Dumbbells, Machines, Barbells Oh My!

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How To Enjoy Cardio

Are you a believer that #CardioisHardio?  Do you dread doing cardio at the gym?  To no surprise, you are not alone.  Even if you like cardio there are some days where you just don't want to do it!  We all know that we should do cardio, we all know the benefits of cardio but there… Continue reading How To Enjoy Cardio

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Boost Your Metabolism Over 50

None of us can avoid aging!  Did you know that as we age we slowly decrease our metabolism making harder for us to stay at a healthy target weight range.  Despite what society might tell us, we still have a lot of control over our metabolism even after the age of 50. Here are some… Continue reading Boost Your Metabolism Over 50