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Exercise: An All-Natural Treatment For Depression

I have been working in higher education for over 12 years.  The number of students I've worked with who suffer from some form of depression is alarming and the statistics in Americans who suffer from depression are on the rise. Although exercise is not the end all be all method of treatment for depression, I… Continue reading Exercise: An All-Natural Treatment For Depression

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5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

Chris Chinn Sweat City Fitness Owner 1.) EAT LESS CARBS ON NON-WORKOUT DAYS Healthy complex carbs are great for providing energy. But on days where you aren’t working out, you want to trim down your carbs to offset what you aren’t burning off that day. See if you can cut down on 2-3 servings of your normal carb… Continue reading 5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

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2 Keto Variations for Athletes & Bodybuilders

I’m going to assume at this point you’ve already heard of a “ketogenic diet.” For those that haven’t, the quick explanation of going “keto” is eating a low-to-no carb diet (under 50g daily) and replacing it with high amounts of fat. The idea is that your body once your body is in a state of ketosis, it… Continue reading 2 Keto Variations for Athletes & Bodybuilders

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Un-FUELish Ways To Stay Energize

We are all busy! Let's be honest, getting 8 or more hours of sleep can sometimes be impossible. Mid-afternoon hits and BOOM!  I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open.  When low energy drags us down what do you do?  We often look for sugar, caffeine, or even the occasional energy drink to help us… Continue reading Un-FUELish Ways To Stay Energize

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Binging & Body Dysmorphia Post Show

Competing in a bikini competition was the BEST and WORST experience of my life.  Mostly it was the BEST experience of my life but I had no idea the long term effect it would have on me.  There are a lot of things people don't tell you about competing and the side effects of competing. … Continue reading Binging & Body Dysmorphia Post Show

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Working Out Is Like Tinder

It's no surprise to me that over 50 million people worldwide use Tinder.  The search for love or the occasional random "date" has never been easier.  All you need to do is swipe right or left.  Tinder in no way guarantees love, but a shot at it at least, besides, nothing in life is really… Continue reading Working Out Is Like Tinder

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How To Enjoy Cardio

Are you a believer that #CardioisHardio?  Do you dread doing cardio at the gym?  To no surprise, you are not alone.  Even if you like cardio there are some days where you just don't want to do it!  We all know that we should do cardio, we all know the benefits of cardio but there… Continue reading How To Enjoy Cardio