Weight Loss & Nutrition

Metabolic Flexibility

The process our body takes to converts what we eat and drink into energy is our metabolism.  Our body converts calories combined with oxygen to release energy our body needs to function.  Basically, this is just a chemical reaction.  The metabolism process can vary from person.  How fast the chemical reaction will be (or metabolism)… Continue reading Metabolic Flexibility

Fitness Training

Free Weights Vs. Machines: Dumbbells, Machines, Barbells Oh My!

Machines Vs. Free Weights In the left corner, we have Free Weights the home of Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, and anything else you can pick up!  In the Right corner, we have Machines the basic pulley system. This will be an interesting fight between resistance training!  Who's ready for this epic match up? "Let's Get Ready To… Continue reading Free Weights Vs. Machines: Dumbbells, Machines, Barbells Oh My!

Fitness Training

TRX: For Every BODY

Total Body Resistance Exercise also known as the TRX is for everyone! The TRX uses your own bodyweight and gravity to provide you with some of the most functional movements to gain strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.  The TRX involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using your own body… Continue reading TRX: For Every BODY


Easy Back To School Kid Approved Lunch

Back to school, every parents favorite time of year right?  If you pack your families meals we know how time-consuming it can be.  These quick and easy options are not only convenient but they are a healthier option and super fun and delicious.  Avoid getting tired of the same lunches with these new ideas! Chicken… Continue reading Easy Back To School Kid Approved Lunch

Bikini Competition

Binging & Body Dysmorphia Post Show

Competing in a bikini competition was the BEST and WORST experience of my life.  Mostly it was the BEST experience of my life but I had no idea the long term effect it would have on me.  There are a lot of things people don't tell you about competing and the side effects of competing. … Continue reading Binging & Body Dysmorphia Post Show

Healthy & Happy Life

Ice Ice Baby: The Cold Truth About Icing

Icing an injury, we've all done it.  There are many opinions around icing muscles and injuries for recovery.  Icing to aid in the recovery of an injury is one thing, but using ice as the primary treatment for overuse injuries is another issue.  Can ice heal injuries? We see professional athletes icing all the time. … Continue reading Ice Ice Baby: The Cold Truth About Icing

Fitness Training

Planes of Motion 101

This past weekend was a busy one!  I got my first official sports massage and lifted my heaviest on the bench!  Woohoo! Between having a great lift and getting my muscles stretched, tweaked, and massaged it got me thinking about the way we move and the human bodies mobility.  It's so incredibly important to stretch… Continue reading Planes of Motion 101