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5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

Chris Chinn Sweat City Fitness Owner 1.) EAT LESS CARBS ON NON-WORKOUT DAYS Healthy complex carbs are great for providing energy. But on days where you aren’t working out, you want to trim down your carbs to offset what you aren’t burning off that day. See if you can cut down on 2-3 servings of your normal carb… Continue reading 5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

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How To Survive Sitting At Your Desk

Working a 9-5 might pay the bills but what does it do on your overall health?  Sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours a day can have a serious impact on your mind, body, and soul.  On average most people sit for about 8 hours a day or more.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time… Continue reading How To Survive Sitting At Your Desk

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Fitness As You Age: Building A Balanced Exercise Plan

In order to age with the most mobility, independence, self-confidence, and reduced risk of disease you'll need to focus on these 4 areas. These are the foundation to your workout program and with the proper exercise in each, you'll feel stronger, healthier, and happier! Balance   Maintain the ability to stand and be stable.  Creating… Continue reading Fitness As You Age: Building A Balanced Exercise Plan

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The Gym Cat’s Pet Peeve List

As a gym cat who likes to lift, and lift heavy, I've spent a lot of time in gyms all around the United States.  I work hard at the gym and I lift heavy because I love it.  The stigma attached to going to the gym as a woman is ridiculous.  I'm not trying to… Continue reading The Gym Cat’s Pet Peeve List

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HIIT vs. Steady-State

Living in Los Angeles we have a few options of how we navigate our way home after work.  Our number one goal is to get home faster.  We Either add more miles to our trip to avoid traffic jams on the freeway or we take the shortest way home which is the most direct route even… Continue reading HIIT vs. Steady-State

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8 Week Prep & Rep Scheme

It's PREP TIME! New year, new prep!  I've decided I wanted to get some serious GAINZ this year and get back on stage.  With that comes more intentional workouts, more intentional weights, and being mindful of how my body is feeling. I'll be doing a total of 4 months of prep but the first 8… Continue reading 8 Week Prep & Rep Scheme


The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Let’s end the boiled egg debate here!  Tons of people boil eggs differently and in some cases I think TOTALLY WRONG!   There is defiantly debate in my household on who makes boiled eggs properly.  This is how I suggest you boil your eggs! Ingredients Eggs (up to… Continue reading The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg