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Stop Eating Out of Boredom!

Do you find yourself eating just because?  Boredom is one of the main reasons we overeat.  Many people grab something to eat the second then sit down, or have downtime.  Let's stop eating out of boredom today. Here's how Step 1: Find the Pattern Start taking notice when you eat out of boredom.  Take note… Continue reading Stop Eating Out of Boredom!

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Getting Back on Track

We've all been there.  We set a game plan to eat healthily and workout but then life happens.  One off day of eating unhealthy doesn't mean you throw in the towel and just give up.  One off day won't break you, nor will it really do much to your health and fitness.  Sometimes though an… Continue reading Getting Back on Track

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All About Creatine

Supplements should be used to assist in your weight loss journey. Think of supplements as the frosting on the cake.  The cake is your workout and nutrition and the frosting is just an added bonus to the cake.  It's not necessary but it does enhance your workouts and nutrition. Supplements are not a way to… Continue reading All About Creatine