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The Bloat Life

Water weight, is it real weight?  As a bodybuilder I have tried to manipulate my bloating during peak week, who doesn't? We hydrate and dehydrate all the time, but what happens for those normal days when you wake up and your pants are a little tighter, your fingers feel puffy, and you feel uncomfortable. Water… Continue reading The Bloat Life

Healthy & Happy Life

How to Attack Cold and Flu Season

It's officially cold and flu season.  As I write this blog I hear sniffles, sneezing, coughing, and I'm already trying to avoid that one co-worker who is starting to get sick.  I'm not a germ-a-phobe by any means but I want to avoid getting sick at all costs.  That might mean I disinfect my airplane… Continue reading How to Attack Cold and Flu Season

Fitness Training

How to Feel Confident in the Gym

New Year, New You!  The holidays have come and gone and now it's time to get back on track with your fitness goals.  Was your resolution to drop a few pounds, gain some muscles?  It's not as easy as it sounds to just go workout at the gym. I look around the weight room and… Continue reading How to Feel Confident in the Gym

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2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Millions of people every year make New Year's resolutions, hoping to create change in life.  Once the glitter from the new year wears off people struggle to make their plans into action.  Did you know that less than half of the people who set New Year's Resolutions are actually successful?!  Let's change our typical hefty… Continue reading 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

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Marie Forleo: A Decade in Review

A New Year is quickly approaching, and it's an end of a decade! Life comes with a series of highs and lows but what's important is to self reflect on how amazing we really are.  We all have contributed so much in the last 10 years.  A colleague suggested I check out Marie Forleo and… Continue reading Marie Forleo: A Decade in Review

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10 Tips for Working out in the Morning

10 Tips for working out in the morning With the new year quickly approaching one of your new year's resolutions might be to start working out.  Not so fast, working out at 5pm in January will seem almost near impossible with all the new resolution goers.  Instead, try working out in the morning.  Here are… Continue reading 10 Tips for Working out in the Morning

Weight Loss & Nutrition

5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips

Chris Chinn Sweat City Fitness Owner 1.) EAT LESS CARBS ON NON-WORKOUT DAYS Healthy complex carbs are great for providing energy. But on days where you aren’t working out, you want to trim down your carbs to offset what you aren’t burning off that day. See if you can cut down on 2-3 servings of your normal carb… Continue reading 5 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips