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Simple Summer Meal Planning

It's finally summertime!  Change of work schedules, upcoming vacations and beach days, triple digit temps, and the kids are home more! Sounds like a fun summer right?! When temperatures hit the triple digits nobody wants to cook inside.  Let me tell you, my AC unit is TERRIBLE.  My house gets so hot in the summer… Continue reading Simple Summer Meal Planning

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Working Out Is Like Tinder

It's no surprise to me that over 50 million people worldwide use Tinder.  The search for love or the occasional random "date" has never been easier.  All you need to do is swipe right or left.  Tinder in no way guarantees love, but a shot at it at least, besides, nothing in life is really… Continue reading Working Out Is Like Tinder

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What’s Your Gut Got To Do With It?

What Is Gut Health? The term "gut health" seems to be popping up everywhere these days!  When we talk about gut health we are usually talking about the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, such as digestion and absorption of food, and the absence of GI illness. Scientifically though, gut health is still really unclear on what it… Continue reading What’s Your Gut Got To Do With It?

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Eating Within The “Anabolic Window” Just Brocabulary or BroScience?

The post-workout period is often considered to be the most critical part of nutrient timing. Just how much refueling is needed immediately post-workout and what makes or breaks your results? The anabolic window (also known as the metabolic window) is a strength training term (aka the BROcabulary) for the 30-minutes (give or take) period after exercise. … Continue reading Eating Within The “Anabolic Window” Just Brocabulary or BroScience?