Healthy & Happy Life

Avoiding Family Food Traps

A food trap is any situation, place, or time where it is hard to eat healthy and make healthy choices.  We all suffer from food traps.  There is no surprise here, we all have food traps and in some cases might be more specific to the individual or family, below are a few tips to help… Continue reading Avoiding Family Food Traps

Healthy & Happy Life

How To Enjoy Cardio

Are you a believer that #CardioisHardio?  Do you dread doing cardio at the gym?  To no surprise, you are not alone.  Even if you like cardio there are some days where you just don't want to do it!  We all know that we should do cardio, we all know the benefits of cardio but there… Continue reading How To Enjoy Cardio

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Healthy Eating Habits To Change Your Life

The infamous "D-word" nobody wants to hear!  DIET! I personally hate using the word diet because usually, the word diet has a very negative connotation.  Usually "dieting" or restricting yourself from specific foods can lead to weight fluctuation which brings a host of related side effected that can harm your physical health. We all know… Continue reading Healthy Eating Habits To Change Your Life

Bikini Competition, Fitness Training

Building A Better Booty

Baby Got Back! We like big butts and we can not lie...or maybe we just really want a nice toned rear?! Who doesn't want BUNS OF STEELE?  Our society has been obsessed with building a better booty and having a booty!  Take J.LO for an example, or all of the Kardashians, they are all known… Continue reading Building A Better Booty

Fitness Training

Tower Running: A Vertical Rush

Have you tried tower running or tower climbing?  I have and I'm in love. Tower running is a sport where you run up tall man-made structures.  All of the climbs I've done have been to raise money for the American Lung Association (ALA).  I climb with the ALA because of personal reasons and I believe… Continue reading Tower Running: A Vertical Rush