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Six Myths About Exercising and Aging

As we age we tend to slow down and become more sedentary.  Aging can cause health issues, weight gain, pain, mobility issues, or worries of falling down.  As we grow older an active lifestyle might not seem important.  It is crucial for you to be active as you grow older.  Did you know that being… Continue reading Six Myths About Exercising and Aging

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Lean Protein: Is It Just A Throw Back Term?

I was recently getting ready for work when I was listening to the Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel's podcast on "Is Lean Protein Really Better For you."  It got me thinking!  As a bikini competitor and somebody who goes through the life "cut" phases to lean out, I obviously chose to eat really lean meats.  However,… Continue reading Lean Protein: Is It Just A Throw Back Term?

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

One of the most powerful tools to fight inflammation won't be found at the pharmacy.  Your local grocery store will carry exactly what you need to fit inflammation.  Some foods and beverages may actually have more anti-inflammatory effects what you get at the pharmacy. Inflammation can be good and bad!  Inflammation can help your body defend… Continue reading Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Fitness Training

HIIT vs. Steady-State

Living in Los Angeles we have a few options of how we navigate our way home after work.  Our number one goal is to get home faster.  We Either add more miles to our trip to avoid traffic jams on the freeway or we take the shortest way home which is the most direct route even… Continue reading HIIT vs. Steady-State