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6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts

Are you sabotaging your workout?  Here are 6 common mistakes people make that reduce the effectiveness of their workout. ​ 1. BAD FORM We all know this but proper form during your workouts is crucial.  Proper form and posture will give you the most benefit of your workout and reduce your risk of injury.  It's important… Continue reading 6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts

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8 Week Prep & Rep Scheme

It's PREP TIME! New year, new prep!  I've decided I wanted to get some serious GAINZ this year and get back on stage.  With that comes more intentional workouts, more intentional weights, and being mindful of how my body is feeling. I'll be doing a total of 4 months of prep but the first 8… Continue reading 8 Week Prep & Rep Scheme


Egg-less Muffins

Okay, don't tell coach this but this weekend I had a MAJOR sweet tooth craving but I had NOTHING in the house.  During prep I rarely even have eggs or milk in the house.  Just egg whites, protein, and water.  I keep it that way for this EXACT reason. So I was googling what I… Continue reading Egg-less Muffins

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Beginner Workout for 2019 Resolutions

It's finally a NEW year which means TONS of beginners at the gym. Not sure where to start?  If it's possible I recommend taking a total body sculpting class to get the general movements down.  A class at Sweat City Fitness offers a total body circuit training class and is the perfect type of class to look… Continue reading Beginner Workout for 2019 Resolutions

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The Truth About Running: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Part 2

If you are reading this chances are you are either already a runner or want to be a runner.  Part one focused on overall training in order to run with strength and good form to prevent injuries and chaffing.  Let's move on to some other UGLY truths about running. Let's talk about the DREADED port-a-potties!… Continue reading The Truth About Running: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Part 2