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“Fasted Cardio” Myth or Fact?

As I scroll through my social media accounts I can't help but to notice all of the "fasted cardio" posts I see. When I first started prep I too thought "oh yeah, fasted cardio, makes sense, I'll do it." Thus the start of my morning workouts.  Let me first start by saying, I've always been… Continue reading “Fasted Cardio” Myth or Fact?

Bikini Competition

Prep For Life Not Just The Show

So you decided to compete in a physique show?  Or you decided to train, for a marathon, tower climb, or to get rid of that pesky baby weight?  Great, now what?  Prep for life not just for a competition, wedding, special event, or until you hit your goal weight. You need to figure out WHAT… Continue reading Prep For Life Not Just The Show


Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Looking for a healthier pizza option?  I need of a gluten free crust?  Here it is folks!  This will be the best cauliflower pizza crust around. Forget spending extra money on the pre-made ones.  Next time check the label of those pizza crusts and see what's in them.  Here you can make your own and… Continue reading Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Healthy & Happy Life

Sample Total Body Program

Here is a sample week of a total body lifting program for you to enjoy.  Change up the rep schemes and movements every few weeks to keep your program new and fresh! The weight should be at the point where the last two reps are difficult to complete. For this particular week I did 3… Continue reading Sample Total Body Program