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Office Snacks Are Adding Up

So you prep all of your meals on Sunday, you've programmed your workout, you wrote down your goals, and you regroup and refresh yourself for an OUTSTANDING CLEAN PERFECT week ahead of you.  You walk into work Monday feeling motivated and ready for anything.  That email you have been waiting for, those signed contracts, that… Continue reading Office Snacks Are Adding Up

HIIT Workouts

Weekly HIIT Workout

HI Friends!  For about the last year I have been alternating from HIIT tabata style workouts to "steady state" fasted cardio. I didn't see results for the first 6 weeks of prep doing this.  I was running 6 miles, doing tons of tabatas, and kicking my butt.  Long story short, my body got use to… Continue reading Weekly HIIT Workout

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Chill’s Meal Prep Essentials and Tips!

So here we are...talking about the most dreaded part of living a "healthy" life.  Meal prep is something everyone says they should do but never seem to have time to do.  Well guess what, if you want the results you gotta put in the time in the gym and in the kitchen. I do all of my prep on… Continue reading Chill’s Meal Prep Essentials and Tips!


Everything Bagel Bites-KETO STYLE

  EVERYTHING BAGEL BITES-KETO STYLE These bagel/rolls are super keto friendly this recipe makes 6 servings and there is almost no carbs in these! Ingredients 1 1/4 cup almond flour 5 tablespoons Psyllium Husk 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 3 egg whites (not the boxed kind) 1 cup… Continue reading Everything Bagel Bites-KETO STYLE