Bikini Competition

Supplementing Your Life: Time For A Tune Up

Just like your car your body requires regular maintenance.  Even when your car is running fine it still requires an oil change every 4 months.  Your body is the same way sometimes it needs just a little tune up.  We all have that one friend or co-worker that's ALWAYS sick.  That one friend who is… Continue reading Supplementing Your Life: Time For A Tune Up

HIIT Workouts

Weekly HIIT Workout

SweatCity Sprint Tabatas 4 Sets of Running Tabatas: eight (8) rounds of 20 second sprints/10 seconds rest Speed: 10 Incline: 0 six (6) rounds of 40 second sprint/20 seconds rest Speed: 9 Incline 0 four (4) rounds of 60 second sprint/30 seconds rest Speed 8.5 Incline: 1-2 three (3) rounds of 90 seconds sprint/45 seconds rest… Continue reading Weekly HIIT Workout


Perfect Protein Waffles

PROTEIN WAFFLES/PANCAKE (this recipe makes 3 small waffles) Ingredients 1 scoop of your favorite whey protein powder (I use Vitamin Shoppe Bodytech  Whey Tech Pro 24 in French Vanilla Whey Tech Pro) 1 egg white (fresh egg whites work best) 1 tablespoon of water Optional: dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon Instructions Mix all ingredients together but… Continue reading Perfect Protein Waffles

Weight Loss & Nutrition

I Plead Not Guilty to Snack Time!

Don't tell me that hungry isn't an emotion because I feel that S%#T in my Soul. Besides talking about food I like to eat food.  Who doesn't?  I find myself falling for my cravings the most when I'm not prepared and when I want to snack.  Who else is with me? A lot of my… Continue reading I Plead Not Guilty to Snack Time!