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Un-FUELish Ways To Stay Energize

We are all busy! Let's be honest, getting 8 or more hours of sleep can sometimes be impossible. Mid-afternoon hits and BOOM!  I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open.  When low energy drags us down what do you do?  We often look for sugar, caffeine, or even the occasional energy drink to help us… Continue reading Un-FUELish Ways To Stay Energize

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7 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is tough, I'll give you that.  Gaining weight can be tough for some folks too.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself.  I feel like I am doing everything right. I'm sticking to my meal plan, I'm working out HARD at the gym, and drinking tons of water.  Why can't I see progress? … Continue reading 7 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

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How To Survive Sitting At Your Desk

Working a 9-5 might pay the bills but what does it do on your overall health?  Sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours a day can have a serious impact on your mind, body, and soul.  On average most people sit for about 8 hours a day or more.  Sitting for prolonged periods of time… Continue reading How To Survive Sitting At Your Desk

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How To Have A Gourd Time On Halloween

Halloween is more than just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!   Halloween can be a great time to practice balance and mindfulness when it comes to nutrition.  Halloween is the official kick-off to the holiday season and the delicious foods are not going to disappear like a ghost anytime soon. Have a gourd time on Halloween… Continue reading How To Have A Gourd Time On Halloween

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Is Leptin To Blame?

Weight loss is all about willpower and calories right?  WRONG! Leptin: What is it? Did you know that there is a hormone called leptin in our body that sends signals to our brain when we have enough energy/fat stored to burn calories? Leptin is supposed to tell your brain when you have enough fat stored. … Continue reading Is Leptin To Blame?

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10 Insanely Motivational Quotes to Inspire You to Work Out!

TRAIN THE SAME REMAIN THE SAME The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. FITNESS IS LIKE A RELATIONSHIP.   YOU CAN'T CHEAT AND EXPECT IT TO WORK Develop a positive relationship with your workouts and being healthy.  The more respect you have for your health… Continue reading 10 Insanely Motivational Quotes to Inspire You to Work Out!


Sweat City Smoothie

Super Food, Super Fast Smoothie!  The ultimate way to jam pack as much nutrition as possible into one drink! Ingredients 1 Scoop of vanilla protein 1/4 cup of water (or milk/milk substitute if you prefer) 1/2 cup of frozen berries (we like blueberries and strawberries) 1/2 banana (can be frozen too!) 1 teaspoon flax seed 1… Continue reading Sweat City Smoothie